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Beginning in January 2015, The Football Huddle was an idea for a group of friends to get together and deconstruct the beautiful game, pass-by-pass. Every Tuesday, you can hear Colm, Andrew and Dan talk about the Premier League, The Championship, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga with the best in-depth analysis around…well, they’ll try at least. You can laugh at their ineptness, if nothing else.

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Colm Ahern


The reason The Football Huddle exists largely rests with Colm Ahern — mainly because he’d tried his hand at eighteen other podcasts and none of the other ones stuck. As a young man, Henrik Larsson and Zinedine Zidane made Colm fall in love with The Beautiful Game, but that was only because he hadn’t seen Wes Hoolahan play at the time.

A fan of his own voice, Colm has been dabbling in talk radio and podcasting since 2008 and can also be heard listing things like albums and TV shows incorrectly on the Rank Everything podcast. The self-centred host’s modelling career never took off, so instead, he turned his hand to being on video and covering games in interesting ways for VideoGamer, too. It works quite well because he gets to look at his own face for hours in his editing suite.



Andrew Knowles


As the senior member of The Huddle, Andrew remembers football in the pre-Premier League era — yes, there was football before 1992. A big fan of Liverpool, he’s been known to say a decade of the rosary every night before bed in front of his Robbie Fowler shrine.

While the red half of Merseyside is where his heart can be found in club football, Knowlesy is a firm supporter of the Irish national side and excels during international weeks; probably because of his involvement in the (amateur) Irish set-up as a player (where he was capped once).

Andrew is also a keen movie buff and when he’s not quoting Die Hard, he can be found on Rank Everything discussing his movies and TV shows, and trying to put them in order.





Dan Murphy


Being the only non-Irish member of the group, which is ironic considering the name, Dan Murphy constantly struggles to handle the Irish turn of phrases and can often be heard making potato jokes in order to numb the pain of being a Bolton Wanderers fan. Away from The Huddle, you can see and hear his Trotters thoughts on Lion of Vienna Suite.

The junior member of The Football Huddle also enjoys video games and waxes lyrical about them on GodisaGeek, but take it with a grain of salt as his favourite game ever is Barnyard. Dan is a student of the game, quite literally, as when he’s not studying journalism at the University of Sheffield, he’s writing freelance pieces for CG Magazine, Playboy, Red Bull, The Set Pieces, The Football Pink, These Football Times, uMAXit, Outside of the Boot and many more.




If you want to get your opinion heard on The Football Huddle, just email the show at thefootballpodcast [at] gmail dot com, or use our Contact Us page and get on the show!